Virtual Assistive Data Officer ( V.A.D.O )

24/7 Self Service Layer for Data Preparation & Management.


Virtual Assistive Data Officer ( V.A.D.O ) provides a flexible engine to set up Enterprises' Rules and Policy and record all the “events” related to the data with a complete historical track and high security.

  • 即時資料清算與交割
    Find your data faster
  • 一致資料流動與變更藍圖
    Get full visibility of the data flow
  • 資料標籤掌握跨系統關聯與描述(matadata)
    Make better business decisions
  • 自動資料對齊
    Eliminate manual data mapping
  • 屬性基礎動態權限控制
    Get unmatched accuracy
  • 讀寫分離完整事件同步
    Migrate systems seamlessly
  • 合理資料去識別化
    Achieve compliance effortlessly
  • 合理資料去識別化
    Boost Organisational Efficiency

Data Intelligence

Work intelligently, together
Virtual Assistive Data Officer ( V.A.D.O ) empowers enterprises to find meaning in their data and improve the quality of business decisions.
Via our "Global Data Network", both parties can collaborate to create a data-driven organisation,manage and ensure compliance use of large volumes of data.


Get a complete view of the entire data journey, with visibility into full data context, from source to target.


Instantly locate metadata from across systems, so organisations can better organise and manage data.

Grasp the Opportunity of Data
Build a data-centric culture to increase the speed,
quality and confidence in decision making across all teams in your organisation.

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