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“While the BFSI industry is going through incredible growth, the increasing complexity of the various data pipeline demands modernisation of back-office operations. FST Network’s technology is the platform we need now to connect people, data and processes within Financial Institution,” 

Jack Chu, CEO of FST Network



Our Story

Our mission is to Make Sophistication Decent with Data. That means ensuring data and logic is properly understood, its process, its lineage and how it interacts within the system. Only then, ogranisations can truly maximise the utility of their data. 

Since our founding in 2018, FST Network has positioned ourselves to be the leading data preparation and FaaS company in Asia, invested by National Development Fund of Taiwan and H&Q from Silicon Valley. Our major clients are gigantic financial institutions which ironically have their hard time in data governance and lineage due to their success of business.


FST team is formed by group of experienced consultants, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Architects,
our digital experiences have covered the UK, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.


Our Investors

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