We provide a cross-system point transfer technology architecture, which can be quickly deployed and connect to various kind of back-end systems, increasing merchant types and quantity of merchant within your business ecosystem, the holding value of your business points, and expanding your ecosystem’s economic reach.

Increase Customer Flow Significantly

- Establish cross-system backend connection with ease
- Conduct Cross Industry Cooperation effectively
- Expand applications of points in various scenarios

Automated User Segmentation

- Manage Clients based on their respective loyalty tier
- Generate tags based on clients’ attribute automatically
- Differentiate client groups accurately and deliver corresponding offers automatically

Quick verification and reconciliation

- Automated clearance and account reconciliation without error
- Consolidate massive operational data instantly
- Manage inventory and orders with ease

Unlimited Service Expansion

- Provide offers and services in your point system easily
- Connect with a variety of databases painlessly
- Secure important sales data and financial flow

Perfectly integrate with the merchant’s existing services

FST Engine

> A Framework for creating and managing various types of tokens

> Intuitive API (GraphQL) design, developers can achieve consistent management through API call modules

> Blockchain Explorer provides developers and end users access to all activities on the blockchain


> Private Permissioned Blockchain

> Provide a permissioned/private blockchain network based on Ethereum PoA

> High Avg TPS 2,000~4,000 (same as VISA)

> Reduce fork time period and rapid reorganisation of fork

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