fst TOKEN One

We provide a fast and simple token issuance services that supports various types of tokens. Follow our ERC 1376 Standard , which is business friendly and mainstream ERC 20 compliant. Our intuitive interface makes it easy for you to get started. You can also request assistance from our partner network to ensure a smooth token issuance process.

Operation and Setup

- Easy two-steps for token issuance
- No technical background needed

Dashboard Provided

- Track your token issuance process timely
- Manage your token instantly

Able to Issue Various Vouchers

- Support STO, ICO and other commercial applications

Third-Party Partner Support

- Additional front-end, back-end development,
- Exchanges and legal resources

FST Free Trial

Gain free, hands-on experience with our test platform

Optimisation on ERC-20

Data storage optimisation ( token is lighter, cheaper transaction fee ).

Fixed vulnerability of ERC-20, while enhance security of the tokens, double-spending and  front-running attack can be fully avoided.

Optimised for Robust Tokenisation

With the capability of transferring a large number of tokens in one shot, making the transaction lighter, reducing the consumption of Ethereum gas.

Optimised for Service Friendliness

The TransferAndCall mechanism allows the receiver (smart contract) to perform continuous action, similar to moving complex financial services on chain, smart contract can be flexibly extended and expanded to achieve smart contract modularisation.

If the continuous action failed halfway, the actions that have been performed will return to the pre-execution state.

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