Expand your data landscape without data chaos

Through Fstation, data scattered across different system architectures can be effectively integrated and complied with, greatly reducing the man-day and risk of development and maintenance required for data processing and data sharing, allowing enterprises to grasp the most accurate real-time data and create multiple services.


Dynamic cross-system Metadata and access control management

Fstation uses the Event Sourcing method to record all “events” related to the data in the “Global Data Network (DataRail)” with a complete historical track and high security.

Through data “de-identification” and “tagging” for metadata management, combined with secure and flexible access control (Access Control), enterprises can master the blueprint of data flow and change, efficiently integrate data from different systems under compliance, quickly and securely achieving internal service integration or external cooperation and data sharing with advantages such as “data lineage”, “cross-system correlation”, “data de-identification” and “dynamic access control”.

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