Our thoughts on IEO

Rise from a bearish ICO market,  IEO, led by Binance launchpad has successfully injected new-life in this sluggish market, with Huobi, OkEX following suits, projects is now beginning looking into IEO as a new tool and channel to raise capital.

IEO has been the word for all, from private investors to institutional investors, but what is an IEO exactly? And why is it claimed to be the messiah that will save us all from this bearish market?

From a fundamental stand-point, IEO, ICO and STO have no huge differences, the main difference is where does a project raise from. Though it may look like a bitty difference, however it has a huge effect for all investor all alike.

What IEO has brought to the market is the following :

i ) Easier for investors to support a company

ii ) Accountability / Credibility as the exchange is staking its reputation behind the projects on its platform, offering a higher degree of trust behind the project.

While there are slight differences in either ICOs and STOs compared to an IEO, those differences however are only from a business standpoint, tech wise, they are all the same peas in the pots as tokens are nothing but a container, whether a token is a utility token or a security token all depends on what we put into the token – “the content that this token offers.”

It’s all about business ! This statement is the cold truth for a competitive landscape, and in order for a business to succeed, they’d need a scalable business model, a healthy ecosystem and robust technology to help said business to achieve their vision.

IEO enables the project to foresee their future userbase, allowing them to maintain their ecosystem without the need of further marketing and focusing in tech development, in which is a something FST Network’d proprietary tech will be assist of, our Blockchain modules provides developer friendly tools for businesses to build their blockchain applications, issuing tokens included, cutting down development cost and increasing function extensiveness, making it easier for token issuers to add in different functionalities.

This can be only achieved with our modules, which is built via a set of smart contracts, written with business logic in mind. We want our clients to be able to have the flexibility to pivot if needed and most importantly we want our modules to evolve along side with their business model,allowing Business Owners to only focus on building their businesses without the need of worry about the limitations of technology.

FASTER Deployment, SMARTER way to Build and most importantly a TRUSTWORTHIER supplier.

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