One Platform for Driving Innovation

Our PaaS is the very first easy step product for Enterprises enter Blockchain world.

Multi-cloud Supported
With a set of services to build and manage modern applications in the digital era — on-premises or on cloud. It drives top- and bottom-line results by allowing IT to be more responsive to business opportunities.
Fast & Seamless Integration
With software engine as the core, we allow APIs as a service and deliver secure business apps that integrate and optimise your IT landscape, accelerate digital transformation – in weeks instead of years.

FST Permissioned/Private Blockchain (FST PPB)

An Ethereum based PoA Blockchain Network tuned for enterprise and multi-parties. It has a high TPS (avg. > 2000 TPS) with quick forking reorganization, and more flexibility to create diverse authority structures to meet enterprise and multi-parties’ needs.

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