Multi-System Access Management

Conglomerates usually have very close engagement with their subsidiary companies. One of the most critical pain point for them is to share information between different systems while maintaining their own autonomy. The restriction of current data structure causes the redundant resource distribution, disabling the possibility to freely share valuable technology and data in one ecosystem. The software helps the enterprises optimise the complex authentication and authorization process through “De-identification Tools” and “Attribute-based Access Control”, providing them with a flexible and secure way to manage complex accessibility among different identities.


Enterprises in various industries.

Use Case

  1. A giant telecom conglomerates in Japan operates diverse businesses such as telecommunication network, mobile phone, IoT / IIoT, digital payment. The adoption of the software simplifies the access management in the sophisticated data structure, offering the enterprise an efficient way to integrate the services under different business entities and securely synchronises the information between different departments.

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