Smart Point System

Most enterprises implement their own point platform based on different backend system, and this causes the low liquidity of the points as they can only existed in a single ecosystem or merchant. A fully managed point system in FST “Hybrid Point Software” can be quickly deployed and integrated with any kinds of backend. The benefit of the cross-system mechanism not only enhances the business value of points for both enterprises and end-users but also ensures the expansion of the market coverage among cooperated merchants.


Acquiring companies, enterprises in various industries. (i.e. mileage, ecommerce, enterprise internal point)

Use Case

  1. An acquiring company supports various credit card and third-party payment methods, and now targets the market of 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It launched a loyalty program with its own point services to efficiently stimulate the trading volume on the platform and the stickiness of the customers. Through CRM toolsets provided by FST Network, It establishes a coupon system for all the cooperated merchants which adopt its PoS machine or mobile payment software, allowing the merchants to publish various coupons and attract more customers.
  2. A conglomerate adopts the point system for internal management which supports various usages such as payroll, training points, food and beverage coupons. It provides a better payment experience for everyone in the working environment, enhances the efficiency for management, and helps the company save the cash flow which can be planned for diverse financial investment and management.

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