Super Hybrid Exchange (SHeX)

Nowadays Centralised exchange is vulnerable due to its database structure which has occurred huge loss for users. FST Network offers a cutting edge alternative – “Escrow Box”, which applies off-chain matching as well as on-chain clearance and settlement. Users will no longer need to store their valuable asset in centralised exchange system. This dramatically enhances security to the next level as well as significantly increases the matching rate.



Use Case

  1. A crypto exchange in Japan is facing challenges on lacking of digital transformation and information security. By implementing FST SHeX, they can enjoy high information security and multi-centralised structure for offering rapid and efficient trading service. With cross chain module from FST, it is also possible to execute trading on different chains seamlessly.
  2. A Japanese Online Security Exchange successfully reduced their trade verification cost by security tokenisation. They now can manage digital assets and cash flow in a high efficient and security manner. (ex: directly invest securities via point on the platform)

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