Supply Chain Finance

Business collaboration between companies and systems is complex, including logistics, financial flow, information flow, business flow.

FST Network provides an automated information interoperable mechanism that can connect large amounts of data across systems and scheduling, which automates the process from verification to execution, accelerating collaboration efficiency, and saving time and cost for verification operations.


Banking, Leasing Companies (Lending Services), Logistics Operators

Use Case

  1. A Japanese manpower company provides loan services, so that the corporations’ employees can use this service to advance salary, and then manpower company and corporation will make clearance of accounts payable. With automated ledger and de-identification technology, converting employee salaries into Tokens as proofs of accounts receivable eliminates the cost spent on verification data, background checks, and due diligence to corporations. Moreover, this also greatly optimises the user experience of employee loan.
  2. An intelligent logistics centre in Cambodia introduces tokens into the supply chain to pay rent, salary, loan, fundraising, etc., integrates data and digital certificates into the supply chain to gradually establish “cross-system information interchange mechanism”, “credit record” and “high degree of automation”. In the meantime, warming up local financing, leasing, pawn and used car market.

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