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Virtual Assistive Data Officer 


Seamless Integration via API Route, Incremental Build-up, Non-Intrusive Plug-In

FST Network's Virtual Assistive Data Officer provides a low-code platform to help Data Users to create new logics for each data processes along with labelling functionalities within Data Pipeline.

FST Network's Virtual Assistive Data Officer also comes with a search engine functionality to help Enterprises to find correlation of their data, getting full overview & lineage of Enterprises's data & system.

Manage Your Data and System Policy
in a unified platform

FST Network normalises data into a common policy and provides a communication hub (Logic Operation Center ) for systems to communicate in a unified platform and capture with “time-series/event-driven database” to coordinate corporate information for risk management and compliance.


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Low Code

Instead of using complex programming languages, you can employ visual interfaces with basic logic and drag-and-drop capabilities in a low code development platform.



Audit Trail

Provides audit capability about how data is flowed among the organisation.


Lineage of data can be simply adapted to audit purpose/ requirement.


Metadata Labelling

Pro-actively or passively collecting/ extracting the Metadata from existing data flow by using API call or SDK etc.

Hence, throughout FST labelling methodology, displaying the comprehensive lineage cross among the systems and data software.

FST’s data lineage is not only across between the databases but end-to-end.



Event Sourcing

Enabling CQRS which allows data users to source all the events and even aggregate the results to effectively build new data products or new applications.

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