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Our horizontal SaaS is industry agnostic and flexible for business, saving you time to increase sales and keeping you at an advantage in an intense competition environment without the need to worry about software upgrades and maintenance.

Our SaaS include functional API / SDK toolsets to help you easily implement data-driven services such as point system, CRM and IAM – WITHOUT costly integration and high product delivery costs.
The developer-friendly Blockchain Explore and various ABIs can be fully integrated with the API / SDK toolsets, giving more possibilities for developers to create customizable features on the Blockchain.

FST Engine (API-as-a-Service)

A generalized modules framework to create Attribute Tokens, Numeric Tokens, Access Tokens, Non-Fungible Tokens (carrying metadata) and On-Chain Rule Engines. All modules can be orchestrated to achieve Consistency Stream Processing; the developers can easily get many benefits of Consistency Management by just calling these modules via APIs (GraphQL).

FST Engine (ABI-as-a-Service)

The advanced and detailed ABIs behind the APIs, providing more customizable on-chain features for developers.

Blockchain Explorer

A rich GUI for end-users and developers to check all the activities on the blockchain network and providing interactive environment for developers to develop and test their on-chain-off-chain integrations.

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