Cross System Point Integration System

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K Security Firm integrates loyalty points from different systems, allowing customers to invest in stocks online with loyalty points. As there are a large number of ETLs every day, it is necessary to ensure that subsequent liquidation and delivery are consistent, and if a disaster occurs, the source of the problem can be tracked through transaction replay. In the future, dozens of point systems will be continuously introduced into this service to expand the number of users and user experience.
As more and more companies expand their markets and increase customer stickiness through loyalty programs, integrating different points and aligning with different industries can effectively develop a variety of point exchange gameplay and maximize user data analysis.
However, the cross-point integration is easily caused by the differences of the respective points system:
  • Heterogeneous data fields and system settings cause difficulty in docking
  • Customized intermediary software connection is not cost-effective
  • It is difficult to track down the source of the error
  • Different system formats are difficult to find accountability
Apart from the middleware solution for cross-point integration, FST's technological advantages are:
  • Metadata of "transaction events" related to data is recorded in the global data network of the protocol layer. It can interact with systems with different rules and formats through its API, and can quickly connect to the old point system in a short time.
  • Under flexible permissions management, you can fully grasp the cross-system data context and event blueprints by managing Metadata.
  • Complete modules include such as "member management", "points and coupon factory and management", "performance guarantee exchange", "history browser background", etc.
  • Real-time cross system point alignment and settlement
  • Continuous compliance regulations such as GDPR, CCPA
  • POS machine painless integration
  • Keep cross-system points intact and consistent
  • Continuous Data Protection
  • Significantly optimize the debugging efficiency of the cross-ecological point system

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