Accounts Receivable Financing

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Green Energy Investment Platform K with the vision of liberating the power industry and hopes to provide a green power trading platform to connect investors with green power developers / vendors.
Because power is an intangible asset, it cannot be exchanged and delivered directly, and power plant developers and power generation are long-term businesses Therefore, it is necessary to build an investment model with high trust level and high security, and ensure that power generation is transparent and traceable in real time.
Accounts receivable finance can improve the flexibility of the use of funds for enterprises, and improve market competitiveness in terms of finance and strategy.
However, in practice, there are problems such as “Accounts receivables are difficult to verify." and “The occurrence of fraudulent loans is endless." Most of these problems occur from:
  • Opaque and asymmetric information
  • It is difficult to track down the source of the error
  • Lack of management of inter-ministerial settlement and authorization mechanism
  • Multi-party authentication is difficult to perform instant verification and validation
The key competency to FST technology are:
  • Flexible tokenization, conducting token transactions in the open market, while also running actual data in a private environment, real-time synchronization consistent with cross-network (public-private).
  • Decentralized ledger technology achieves immediate delivery and performance guarantee exchange in cross-ministerial meetings.
  • Fully manage cross-system data source context and event blueprints by managing metadata under flexible rights management.
  • Continuous Data Protection
  • Real-time Data Alignment & Settlement
  • Real-time Data Mapping and Lineage integration
  • API supports IoT device integration
  • Data Consistency
  • Multi-signature protection mechanism
  • All transactions are recorded on the global data network, which is fair and open

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