Dive Into the New Age of Business Process and Data Management with V.A.D.O

FST Network’s Virtual Assistive Data Officer is an embedded software that oversees and orchestrate the flow of data policies,
providing an automated tool to build up connectivity, data correlation, lineage and governance within an Enterprise environment.
Enabling Automated Risk Evaluation & Management. Enabling Enterprises to be agile within transformation process, boosting efficiency.

V.A.D.O normalises data into a common policy and provides a communication hub ( Logic Operation Centre ) for systems to communicate in a unified platform and capture with “time-series/event-driven database” to coordinate corporate information for risk management and compliance.

Our Solutions

Hybrid Cloud Transformation

FST Network provides logical data consolidation through optimal cataloging to help maintain a clear view of enterprise operations in a hybrid cloud environment.

Data Science Acceleration

FST Network provides a search engine so they can identify the correlation of each data. 

Versatility in Application

FST Network's framework allows our clients to embrace their legacies
with seamless integration and post management capabilities with no extra loading for the running ststem.

Automated Risk Assesment

FST Network oversee events within systems and help coordinate corporate information for risk management and compliance.



"Effective digital governance can be implemented, and data relations and system blueprints can be oversee. The core system and the systems of a past acquired company can be established without changes,
and effective arrangement, call and execution can be established.
Most importantly the implementation process is short, low risk, and the flexibility is large.
V.A.D.O can even replace many upcoming modules,
such as IFRS17. Group engine, reinsurance module, heterogeneous system insurance policy integration engine, etc."

James Chao / Chief Information Officer of Hotai Insurance