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Modern Data Networking Made Easy 

Unprecedented Flexibility and Visibility with Accurate Lineage

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Mastering Cross Systems Data Management with Logic Operating Centre (LOC)

Coherent Data Lineage

  • Rapid end-to-end tracing for every data journey

  • Full data visualisation and mapping with accurate referencing

  • Enhance data forensic capability to allow root cause error tracking


Cross Systems Logic Discovery

  • Quality data collection and evaluation from multiple sources

  • Uncovering potential data patterns across entire organisational data landscape

  • Rapid searching and efficient data processes categorisation on your datasets

Portable Data Integration

  • Harmonise and curate a unified view of combined information in entire data environment

  • Allow non intrusive probing of crucial metadata from different system layers

  • Complete Data Normalisation via easy LOC’s configurations setup


Understanding Your Entire System Blueprint Better

Data can exist or hidden everywhere across the entire infrastructure.

We help organisations to obtain a complete data network blueprint by providing efficient tool to re-engineer the existing data pipelines and inserting crucial “layering logic” at necessary check points, in order to reveal new insights for better improvements on data management and governance.

Our novel approach can reduce the mounting technical debt burdens faced by legacy systems while allowing necessary innovation upgrades & migrations to take place rapidly with minimum disruption.

Overseeing Data Interoperability in Cross Systems


Versatile Access Control

We allow flexible access policy setting by accommodating various formats: role, policy or attribute-based access control; where unique digital-ID can be applied to authorise appropriate access rights of users as well as data processes.


Data Mesh

Our cross-system modular approach allows autonomous data interoperability to be carried out with data processes and relevant logic refinement to create targeted Data Products for empowering data-centric operations, independent team performance and full system governance.


Function-as-a-Service (FaaS)

We also support serverless micro-services deployment via clouds that allows applications of user-friendly interface and APIs to cater various needs for different industrial use-cases and various domain expertise.

What’s Next

LOC eventually evolves into the ultimate optimised engine (VADO-Virtual Assistive Data Officer) when substantial data pipelines refurbishment is accomplished with crucial data referencing and sufficient metadata, collated over the period of time (estimated 3 years), across all connecting data networks.

This opens up to a new horizon and possibilities of unprecedented innovations enrichment and complementary tech-drive with other emerging technologies.

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