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The Business Challenge

In order to provide a better experience in digital service, both internally or externally, our clients demand more adopting plans for employing adaptive microservices and container structure in the IT environment to improve data processing efficiency.

Build Data Pipelines with LOC

To achieve a clearer picture, first, the IT team would need to gather users across all business units and interview them for the daily operational or occasional demands, before completing a full business and system analysis for each and relevant data pipelines.

This can be very time-consuming up to several months if not years where additional hiring of special and expensive handling task-force is often needed for ongoing assessment and adjustment. Not to mention the continuous changes and constant build-up of more services under the old structure, which often rendering sub-standard or unrealisable solution.


However, using LOC, our clients will be provided a non intrusive way of handling both existing and new data pipelines simultaneously with flexible adaptation via our unique logic referencing approach in order to map out the key relations of all data and its relevant processes. They no longer need to do another anatomy of ETLs, data pipeline codes, stored-procedures, system logs to find out the long-buried data logic.

In addition, the event-sourcing mechanism in LOC helps the client largely to improve organisational collaborations. All the requests can be treated and processed as an event, instead of using traditional excel tables over tables, columns over columns, etc...

Value to the Clients

Save client’s project time by 80%.

Instant search of data pipelines and related history.

Easy management of implemented data logic, data relations.

Faster responses to demands in regulation, market needs, operational needs.

Zero system downtime or disruption.

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