FST Network partnering with various domain experts, leading technologists, and solution providers to facilitate their clients with stable, secure, efficient, and flexible solutions.

Consulting Partner

We equip our consulting partners with necessary technical know-how, provide them sufficient professional training with relevant use cases to widen their business coverage horizon.

Consulting partners will learn how to appropriately apply LOC to adapt with their relevant domain while deepening the expertise scopes when their advising their clients.

We bring user-friendly tools to ease the data pipeline management across multiple systems, making your consulting work smooth and effortless.


Solution Partner /

Value Added Reseller (VAR)

We frequently onboard software vendors as solutions partner.

LOC’s agnostic approach allows non intrusive bridging, rapid merging engagement and integration with myriads of existing data systems.

Our LOC will equip your data management solution with data lineage and labelling capability that can enhance tremendous value for your enterprise clients.


Partner Network

As a certified FST partner, you can enjoy resourceful connections from our partner network.
We hold events, seminars for partners to receive the latest update about