Service Packages

Premium Package (Manage-4U)

We do the heavy-lifting for initial setup, including:

  • Basic configuration and integration management

  • Necessary training provisioning to ensure smooth understanding, operation and transition

Basic Package (DIY)

Clients can purchase ready LOC software and relevant modules and operate themselves

  • Best Practice Guide manual to assist setup

  • Training Courses are available

Comparison Chart

Premium Package (Manage-4U)
Basic Package (DIY)
LOC Training
Training courses available (optional)
System Analysis (SA)
Business Analysis (BA)
LOC Logic Management (Logic Upload & Management)
FST manages*
Client manages
Upgrades (Software & Service) -with Licensing

*FST manages LOC with our trusted service vendor

Benefits with Manage-4U

With this package, our clients will have the peace of mind where full training and basic setup will be given to ensure smooth data operation, engagement and transition utilising our LOC. Most often, IT departments may be constrained by limited resources and workforce. With Manage-4U to accelerate the interactions and integration, our clients are able to boost their productivity for business, where fulfilment on system and business analysis, and the business/data logic implementation can be fully optimised via our solution.

Benefits with DIY

For self-efficient IT and business professions and clients who want full control, LOC is a self-serving software that can be employed straightforwardly. Company can send key persons to attain our training courses and go back to perform instant configuration that suit their business orientation, especially for those setup with high confidentiality. LOC can be instantly deployed where clients can start small and gradually increment to onboard more operations and data team members (whether from IT or Business or others) as they see fit, where trials can be performed rapidly to reach swift finalisation without much hurdles. This can also help boosting the morale and teamwork.